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“Joe, I am in amazement of where you came from to where you are today! I know God was watching out for you & that He still is. (…) Bring on the next chapter. Don't keep me in suspense. It's a great book! The hardest part for me so far is to have to stop reading it.”

J. H., Trusted independent proofreader

“Another great chapter!  This chapter was so compelling! It made you stop to realize what some kids have to endure... I guess when kids today scream, "child abuse," they really don't have a clue what that is compared to this! (…) Some people are never able to overcome what you've been through!”

J. H., Trusted independent proofreader

“Joe, I have always loved to read. This book is sooo good. I don't want to quit reading. It's one of those books that you just won't be able to put down. (…) It keeps getting better and better. I just can't figure out what is going to happen next. Geez… Get me Chapter 6 as soon as you can.”

J. H., Trusted independent proofreader

“Joe (…), I believe you have an amazing project here. Your story is like no other (…). The right agent or editor will snap up this book, as it is unique, compelling, beautiful, happy and sad. (…) The story never left me.”

Susan Konig, Author

“I stayed up late last night because I could not put it down. I was just going to say...WOW!!!    What a great read!!!!!!!!!  Seeing you before, I could never think of you as a writer; but knowing you now, I cannot imagine you not being a writer.  Very impressive, for even a book snob like me (I am highly critical)!!!”

HT, Memoir Lover

“What a book you have written! What a privilege it is to work on it! Thank you. I'm really impressed by Hurt. It's a poignant, (…) heartbreaking, intelligent, and profound (…) memoir (…).”

Alice Peck, Editor